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In my practice as an equine sports massage therapist, I see a broad range of horses with a variety of problems, from young horses with field injuries, advanced dressage horses with sports injuries or tired muscles/muscles in spasm, event horses, horses recovering from surgery, to elderly horses with oedema, atrophied and tight back muscles, and the full range of problems in between, and I use the Physiopod DEEP OSCILLATION® unit every day on almost every horse I see and I would not be without it.

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The Physiopod DEEP OSCILLATION® unit is an amazing piece of kit – the horses love it (and often fall asleep while I am using it) and I love it because it not only helps me to get to the root of the problem more quickly, it also makes it possible for me to help where previously it would have been incredibly painful, and therefore the horse would have been less than compliant.

Muscles in spasm or that have splinted, that have no movement in them, were previously problematic to treat but are now easily resolved by using the Physiopod DEEP OSCILLATION® unit.


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Horses seem to welcome the soothing, very small amount of vibration where they may resent use of my hands and an added bonus is that once they have relaxed from Physiopod DEEP OSCILLATION® use they completely trust me to continue with manual release of tight muscles.

It is without doubt one of the best investments I have made in my business and I highly recommend it to any equine body worker looking for something to make the time spent treating a horse more efficient, make the experience more enjoyable for the horse and to save hands from over use.




As an added bonus, when my back is giving me problems at the end of a heavy week, I use it on myself too – I can vouch for its efficacy!


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  2. DEEP OSCILLATION® is used very effectively for the horse and their rider


DEEP OSCILLATION® has been used in the UK on riding and performance horses with good effect, not only for cases of lymphatic incompetence, but also to speed up wound healing, tendon injuries, relieve fascial restrictions from overgirthing, saddle sores, promoting smooth formation of scar tissue, etc. It is used for Pre-Event Massage, increasing circulation, reducing muscular tension, improving flexibility and the delivery of nutrients. For Post Event massage; flushing out waste products have accumulated during an event and promoting fluid circulation, reducing inflammation.