Spartacus the dog gets DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment after being diagnosed with a brachial plexus inury

"Spartacus , now 7 months old, was abandoned on the side of the road, and when we found him, he was dragging his left front leg, without being able to use it at all. We first thought it was broken, but the X-ray showed nothing of this sort. We then diagnosed him with brachial plexus injury and started using DEEP OSCILLATION®, hoping that in time he will recover and that we won’t have to amputate his front leg.

Sparctacus, 8 months, mixed breed

At first, his joint was very stiff and because of the dragging and the impossibility of controlling the movement of his leg, he started getting wounds and we had to bandage him for a couple of days. But only after 10 days of using DEEP OSCILLATION® for 15 minutes at 200Hz intensity twice per day, he started moving his paw and even put his leg on the ground, the stiffness disappeared and his joint became mobile again. Because of the nature of this injury, we were so skeptical and we couldn’t foresee such an amazing improvement. Of course, it will take a lot of time for him to completely recover, but, at this point, we don’t consider amputating his leg an option anymore. DEEP OSCILLATION®has been speeding up his healing process in an amazing way, maybe it would have taken months for him to be able to put his leg on the ground but instead, we had to wait for only 10 days! It really has done wonders, with no side effects, he loves his minutes of treatment, when he relaxes completely and we love to see him play, grow stronger every day and living the good and happy life that he has always deserved."

Dr. Alexandra Moldovan
Petlove Veterinary Cliniq Cluj-Napoca


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