Report from Romania from Dr Pop Ana-Maria - DEEP OSCILLATION® used post surgically on Athos, a mixed breed dog, aged 13.5 years

"Our hero Athos, reached our office with paralysis from a car accident. Following spine myelographies and X-rays, it was decided surgery by laminectomy and disectomie at the level of L6-L4 lumbar vertebrae. Postoperative antibiotic therapy was used, inflammatory treatment, vitamin complex, and DEEP OSCILLATION® massages, twice a day for 15 minutes, at the intensity of 200Hz.

After a week, the drug therapy was interrupted, continuing only with the local therapy.

At 14 days postoperatively, the patient managed to keep the quadrupedal posture, walking sustained. This process was repeated daily, for 5-10 minutes, so that in three days, the dog was able to walk alone.

After 3 more weeks of hospitalization and recovery, Athos returned continuing a course of treatment with Milgamma.

We found, after using the DEEP OSCILLATION® device, that local inflammation disappeared in no time. Also, the oscillations were sent through the entire network of nerves (considering previous weak reactions, after the surgery) and the limb and spine muscles visibly improved with every use of the device.

After the recovery time, Athos was healthy and full of life again."

Dr. Pop Ana-Maria

Cabinet Veterinar Petlove Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Video clip shows Athos walking following treatment which had included DEEP OSCILLATION®


With Thanks to: 

Anca Pop
PHYSIOMED Aparatura Medicala Romania
Calea Turzii 189A