OJ The Labrador/Staffordshire with Arthritic Hips

Lyn and Jeff believe DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment prolonged OJ's life by at least two years

"We were so delighted by the treatment given by Julie to our Labrador/Staffy dog, OJ, for his arthritic hips. We believe the treatment prolonged OJ's life by at least two years.  Our vet mentioned 'putting him to sleep' and talked about his quality of life.  With that message we were mortified, as he wasn't ill and although he had difficulty in walking he was certainly not in pain.

We decided to get a second opinion regarding the advice from our vet and instead used DEEP OSCILLATION® for his hips, which he loved and fell asleep during his treatments. It's certainly not an invasive treatment, rather more relaxing as well as having beneficial results with regards to improved mobility.  He continued to have a good appetite and loved to play with his toys.  Julie kindly left the device with us to use regularly with one hand and one applicator. 

OJ also had a chronic skin problem for many years which was treated with a very expensive drug, Atopica, during his DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment we were able to reduce the amount of the prescribed drug as DEEP OSCILLATION® visibly improved his skin condition, which was so much better for OJ and for our purse!!!

Sadly OJ died but peacefully in his sleep at the grand old age of 14 years old and we would thoroughly recommend 'Deep Oscilation' not just for the arthritic condition but for his general well being!!!!" 

Lyn Hopkin, Partner, The Changekey Partnership, 19 Milton Street, Milton Chambers, Nottingham, NG1 3EN

Website - www.changekey.co.uk

  • OJ enjoying a day on the beach after DEEP OSCILLATION treatment improved the quality of his life..