Rottweiler gets DEEP OSCILLATION® for pain following cruciate ligament repair

"I have found outstanding use for DEEP OSCILLATION® with dogs. Recently I was treating a young male Rottweiler for post surgical pain following a cruciate ligament repair. The surgery for this repair is as brutal as a knee replacement is in a human with the same resultant insult to the surrounding soft tissues.

The surgical procedure used requires metal implants being used which makes treating the pain and stiffness difficult as most other therapies cannot be applied. DEEP OSCILLATION® is one of the few therapies that can safely be used over implants. The first session helped reduce the inflammation and irritation surrounding the wound site as well as giving relief for the post-surgical pain. After just one session using DEEP OSCILLATION® the dog was able to move more freely on the hind leg with less restriction in the stifle joint. His owners were suitably impressed with the rapid recovery the dog showed with the help of a few DEEP OSCILLATION® sessions. Needless to say, that Rottweiler and I are now firm friends."

Judy Spooner

BSc (Hons) IIHHT

Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist