Sossi Yerissian, MLD UK, CDT, Vodder & Casley Smith MLD Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist

Sossi has remained close to PhysioPod™ UK Ltd throughout the last few years and has helped out at several exhibitions, she is very passionate about DEEP OSCILLATION® and recently gave this updated testimonial..

I was the first MLD therapist to purchase this wonderful machine in the UK, almost 3 years ago now and have enjoyed the journey with Mary and Julie along the way...

I saw the potential of the HIVAMAT® 200 DEEP OSCILLATION®as a very important tool for any therapist from the first moment of introduction.  Every single client of mine loves DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy. I have never stopped using it from the day it arrived. I normally treat the following conditions in my clinic: - Primary and secondary lymphoedema. Primary is normally known as heavy legs. Secondary after any type of cancer, radiation or lymph node removal. It is excellent on hard fibrotic tissues I treat swelling and pain after knee and hip surgery and after all orthopedic surgery

For aesthetic surgery: face, breast, abdomen, legs etc. the treatment with HIVAMAT® 200 speeds up the healing process and works immediately on the pain. It gives quicker results than with a MLD treatment alone. It halves the therapist time and energy to achieve the desired results.I am delighted that now most Lymphatic drainage therapists use HIVAMAT® 200 and there are many who are seriously thinking about purchasing - this is very good proof that it does what it promised.

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