Breast reduction/Tummy Tuck

Jo found that daily use of the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal AESTHETICS was imperative following extensive plastic surgery in Marbella.

"Having just had extensive plastic surgery just over three weeks ago, I have found using The Deep Oscillation® Personal Aesthetics machine daily absolutely imperative to my recovery. I had a breast reduction and a tummy tuck in one procedure, which left me extremely swollen and hard. I started treatment on the third day after surgery with just 20 minutes of treatment I felt such relief and could even see how much the stressed tissue had softened.  Three weeks on still using the treatment daily I am amazed how things have progressed so quickly. My breast tissue has softened and is starting to take a natural shape already. I have also noticed that all the scars aren't anything like as prominent as they were. I will be sending some before and after pictures in for you to be able to see for yourselves"