Prof D Berg and Dr G Schonfelder

The following summary follows the study of side effects following conservative therapy for a carcinoma of the breast...

"Another particular feature of the DEEP OSCILLATION® technique is that the lymph drainage can be employed on the very first day post operative, in order to restore lymph drainage after this has been damaged operatively or radiologically. It is our assumption that the rate of lymphoedema occurrence following a prophylactic DEEP OSCILLATION® lymph drainage will still be lower, even after 2-3 years.   Up to now, DEEP OSCILLATION®supported lymph drainage has shown significant improvements in the results for the following clinical criteria, compared with conventional manual lymph drainage: consistency; pain and disturbances to the sensitivity of the breast operated; skin alterations; arm movement; pain, paresthesias in the arm and/or auxiliary of the side operated and lymphoedema"

G. Schönfelder and D. Berg Gynecological Clinic, City of Amberg Marienkrankenhaus, Academic Hospital, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg  (Director: Prof. D. Berg)