Post Surgical Rehabilitation With DEEP OSCILLATION® Improves Wound Healing and Promotes Movement

Five weeks following a Cheilectomy and a 'Kessel-bonney procedure' for Hallux Rigidus Tracey was suffering with swelling, pain and lack of mobility.


X-ray showing a bone spur on the big toe joint.


"I had heard about DEEP OSCILLATION® from getting to know Mary Fickling, Director at PhysioPod™ UK Ltd socially and her work (She is also a neighbour).  The website is very informative and I have had several scouts around and looked at the testimonials with interest - it's facsincating to see how DEEP OSCILLATION® has helped others.  I had been struggling with Hallux Rigidus in both big toes (a progressive, arthritic condition) for two to three years before my orthapedic foot and ankle specialist suggested surgery via a cheilectomy to remove bone spurs on the top surface of the big toe joint bones,  I had the left done in 2013 plus another surgery known as a 'kessel-bonney procedure' where they cut a wedge of bone out of the toe joint and this year have had the right done.  The cause of my Hallux Rigidus was 'unknown' but possibly made worse by fallen arches.  Both toes had gradually got more painful and bone growth increasing on joints had made most shoes uncomfortable. Some of my favourite gym classes became impossible due to the pain felt when attempting lunges, squats etc.

Five weeks after the last bout of surgery I was suffering with swelling and pain and so I got in touch with Mary to see if I could come for treatment.  She said that if they had a free demo unit then it would be better to use as self-treatment several times a day to get the most benefit.  My luck was in, it was Thursday and the demo model wasn't due out until the Monday.  Julie, Mary's sister and co-director of PhysioPod™ UK Ltd, came to my house and showed me around the unit, advising me on the programmes to use and then let me have a go whilst she was there to ensure I understood what I was doing.

I was amazed that DEEP OSCILLATION® is surprisingly light & non-invasive.  A very gentle, pleasant vibrating sensation was felt whilst I circled the applicator over the big toes;  in no way painful or uncomfortable, just very relaxing.

I tried to use it 2-3 times a day for the 4 days I had it – just whenever I had 20-30 minutes free.  I mainly used the Osteosynthesis programme but also tried the Oedema, Traumatic Pain & the Arthritis programme. The unit is very easy to use whilst sitting in front of the TV, so not at all time consuming! After the first treatment I felt like movement was easier and pain eased.  Further treatment eased the scar tissue around the surgery wound healing in the right toe much quicker than I expected (than it did on the left operated on the previous year, without use of the unit).  Movement still much improved than before use of DEEP OSCILLATION® and the swelling has been relieved.

My whole experience of dealing with PhysioPod®UK Limited was excellent,  They are friendly, informative, relaxed and we had great communiation throughout – thanks ladies!"

Tracey, Nottingham.

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