Mr Nicholas Flower, Consultant ENT Surgeon reports effect of DEEP OSCILLATION® To A Severe Soft Tissue Injury Sustained To His Right Hand.

Mr Nicholas Flower - Consultant ENT Surgeon was introduced to DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy by Nicole De Havilland, Lymphoedema Consultant Practitioner at Ramsey Rivers Hospital who uses DEEP OSCILLATION® successfully in daily clinic. Mr Flower is confident that DEEP OSCILLATION® has enabled a return to operating just six weeks following the severe soft tissue injury to the first webspace of his dominant right hand.

I have overall been happy with the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS. I am confident it has helped speed up my recovery and I was back operating after 6 weeks following a severe soft tissue injury to the first webspace of my dominant right hand.

The machine is easy to use and seems robust and I have tried to keep to a regime of at least 30 minutes therary per day. I continue to use it 3 months after the injury as I feel it softens the inevitable scar tissue at least immediately following use. It is difficult to be sure of the extent of benefit as the hand is healing anyway but the experience is pleasant and the hand has always felt better after treatment with reduced discomfort and increased movement, even if for just a brief period.  It has probably been of longer term benefit.

I find the pads best for my injury with self treatment as involving a therapist is less convenient.

Overall I would purchase the machine again and have only had good service from Physiopod including good backup for operation of the machine relating to my specific needs. I was kindly introduced to it by Nicole De Haviland who is an avid supporter of the technology and claims success with patients suffering from chronic lymphoedema follwing breast surgery.  


Nicholas Flower, Consultant ENT Surgeon



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