ACL swelling following surgery

"The DEEP OSCILLATION® PERSONAL SPORTS machine has been very beneficial in aiding my recovery from the surgery I had to repair the ligaments in my right knee earlier this year. Through regular application, it took a lot of the swelling out of my knee and I feel it has generally speeded up the process of me getting back into my regular training routine. My specialist, *Dr (Mr.) Derek Bickerstaff at Thornbury Hospital, Sheffield, has been very impressed with my rate of recovery. I also find the DEEP OSCILLATION® PERSONAL SPORTS very helpful with the usual aches and pains I suffer when in the gym. It is very convenient as well. Because it's so portable I can take it with me wherever I'm training, whether in Nottingham or in camp down in London". 

Carl Froch "The Cobra"  World Super Middleweight Title Holder