Lymphoedema Sufferer Uses A DEEP OSCILLATION® PERSONAL SPORT From The City General Hospital, Stoke-On -Trent

After just seven days of treatment, the swelling in her leg caused by Lymphoedema, had visibly decreased. She was so pleased she decided to invest in her own unit. Angela is delighted to be in "complete control" and her leg feels great.

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The DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS designed for easy self treatment


"I purchased my Physiopod a few months ago. I have been visiting the lymphoedema clinic for 5 years now on a 6/8 weeks basis. The girls there do a brilliant job, but are so busy, I needed more regular treatments. I had the machine on trial for a week last October. After using it every day for a week I saw a marked difference in the swelling of my leg. I then decided to buy my own. Best decision ever! I feel like I have complete control now and my leg looks great. I take long term antibiotics for recurring cellulitis. My next step is to get off them !"
Angela. Staffordshire.

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