Five years on, Pauline, a Lymphoedema sufferer gives a video and report of her use of the DEEP OSCILLATION personal.

An update from Pauline, a Lymphoedema sufferers who maintains her symptoms with just three half hour sessions a week with the PhysioPod.


Read on Press Release Point 27.3.2015

"Dear Julie

Thanks for making the special card for me.   I am delighted to say that it works perfectly and I will not be removing it from the machine....ever.    I am so grateful.    

Ten years ago this month I had heart bypass surgery!   It came as a real shock as I had always taken pretty good care of myself and worked as a fitness instructor for 25 years!   However getting through the surgery and recovering wasn't the only thing I had to contend with.   The invasion of my legs to retrieve veins to make the grafts caused damage to the lymphatic system and it was about a year post op that I noticed my right leg was very swollen.   It was investigated in case I had a DVT or some other blockage but once they were ruled out a diagnosis of Lymphodema was given.....along with the daunting news that nothing could be done other than controlling it by wearing compression stockings....permanently!!!!

By now I was back to teaching my exercise class and having fought so hard to get back to a place where I could do that I wasn't ready to give up.    I started researching and asking questions and this led me to a therapist not far from where I live who specialised in lymphatic drainage massage.     Her treatments were amazing, she worked very hard on me and seeing her regularly brought the ache and swelling under control.   One day I turned up and she was very excited because she had just acquired a new machine which was made in Germany and designed to work on a wide range of physical problems including lymphodema.    And work it did!    It was amazing, revolutionising the treatment was having not just for me but for my therapist.

I can't remember how much time passed before my therapist informed me that they had just brought out a personal version of the Physiopod and that she thought I was a prime candidate for being able to self treat at home.   Of course such a specialised piece of kit wasn't ever going to be cheap but as I chatted to my husband about it it was very obvious that of all the things we could spend money on, health and something that was life changing had to be the best place, the wisest and the only sensible choice.

The machine arrived, I had one tutorial with my therapist and I've been self treating ever since and never looked back. The Physiopod is an incredible machine.    I self treat for three half hour sessions a week and my lymphodema is kept under control, leaving me free to do all the things I did before, including teaching my class and without having to wear those dreaded compression stockings.     Circumstances recently meant me and my machine were unable to have our time together for over a week and boy did I know about it.   My lower limb began to swell again and the dragging ache was awful.....a reminder of how much I depend on the Physiopod for my quality of life.    Since having it back I have worked on it for three consecutive days and I am back to normal!