PhysioPod would like to share the testimonial of Lymphoedema sufferer Mary Robinson

"Outstanding! I cannot recommend the PhysioPod highly enough and wish more people knew about it and could benefit from using one. What a difference this machine has made to my life, without it I dread to think how much worse my lymphoedema would be...

I am so thankful that I bought my PhysioPod five years ago after seeing how it helped my condition when it was used as part of the lymphatic massage treatment I began. Without doubt it has helped control my symptoms and it offers me such relief each time it is used. The results were so immediately palpable that I was keen to have my own machine so I could continue treating my lymphoedema at home and it was a wise decision, as it gives me the advantage and convenience of being able to use it in between visits from my marvellous MLD therapist (Lesley Batten). Another advantage has been that other members of the family have also used the PhysioPod to aid recovery from various injuries they have had. After all these years of extensive use it has never had a fault and works as well as ever. I think by now you can guess I am a big fan! 

I would also like to praise Julie Soroczyn who not only offers great service but is also so friendly and approachable that it only adds to the positive experience that the PhysioPod has given me. A big thank you for the help Julie and her wonderful machine has given me and I would be happy to personally share my experience with anyone who would like to contact me.

Mary Robinson.

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About DEEP OSCILLATION® & PhysioPod® UK Limited

DEEP OSCILLATION® is non-invasive and non-traumatic.  Intermittent electrostatic impulses are delivered through vinyl gloves or applicator heads, permeating an 8 cm depth through all tissue layers including skin, sub-coetaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels, with clinically proven effects in the interstitial spaces of the connective tissue. 

PhysioPod® UK Limited are approved NHS Suppliers and DEEP OSCILLATION® is now 'recommended' by Dr Vodder Academy International and 'The Wittlinger Lymphoedema Clinic' in Austria.  PhysioPod® UK Limited have been members of  MLDuk since 2010 and became Corporate Members of The British Lymphoedema Society in 2014. The therapy will be exhibited at the BLS Conference 2015.  They are recommended suppliers of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists.

PhysioPod® UK Limited are listed on Professor Timothy Watson's 'Electrotherapy On The Web' website (although not an endorsement or recommendation) as providing a 'professional service'. 

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