Testimonial of Self Managing Primary Lymphoedema Sufferer Using The DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL

I have had Primary Lymphedema in my leg since I was 19 years old. Before I discovered that was what was wrong with me, I had tried every possible treatment – including acupuncture, faith healers in the Philippines, and every type of alternative healing. They have scanned my leg in many different hospitals around the world until one day I found a lady in a hospital that was trained in the Foldi method of manual lymphatic drainage and with her help I understood what was happening to me.


A year ago (at 39 years old) I went to see a manual lymphatic drainage therapist in Spain and she had just purchased the Deep Oscilliation Hivamat 200 machine. The therapist tried it on me for a month to see if we would get any effect. I then went on to purchase a Deep Oscillation Personal machine from PhysioPod™ UK Ltd, so I could do the treatment myself.  The Directors at PhysioPod™ UK Ltd liaised with the therapist to obtain the best treatment protocol for me and programmed it on to a card to use in my machine.

I have had the best Summer since my Lymphedema started!!  You can hardly see the difference anymore. I can now go to the beach or in the swimming pool without feeling that anybody is staring at me. It is a miracle after all what I have tried. I am so grateful that I have found something that has finally helped me and to get relieved from the problem with regular use. My skin is much better and the heavy feeling I used to have in my leg has gone. My leg now looks almost like my normal leg. What a relief.

Ms. Lister


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