Lymphoedema and DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal - update from sufferer self managing

Self Management in Lymphoedema is key to keeping the condition maintained. This lady kindly send an update of a months use of the therapy with the personal unit and how delighted her MLD Therapist is with the results of the 30 minute daily morning treatment the lady is applying.

"Dear Julie

I would like to let you know that I have been getting on really well with the Personal Sports unit that I purchased.  Thanks also for sending the facial card through. 

I went to my MLD Therapist for the first time for a month yesterday.  This is the longest spell between treatments that I have had since April so it was perfect that it coincided with the arrival of the unit.  I have been treating myself every morning for about 30 minutes - sometimes a bit less and sometimes longer depending on how much time I have to spare.  My therapist commented immediately that my leg was really soft and looked a fantastic shape.  She was really happy and pleased!  She re-measured me for the first time since I began the intensive treatment there in April.  I have lost 1-2 cm all the way up my leg.  The unit has given me the confidence to believe that I can help maintain this position and I will continue to go there on a monthly basis so they can monitor the condition.  

I am already convinced that the investment will be worth every penny, both financially and In terms of my attitude towards the Lymphoedema which had felt very overwhelming at the beginning of this year.  

Thanks so much for your advice and excellent service.  It is a great product and I feel lucky to have found it, and to be able now to benefit from it every day.   

Best wishes

JS, United Kingdom"

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The HIVAMAT® 200 is used combined with manual lymphatic drainage from the therapist




The DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS is used for self treatment between visits to the MLD therapist

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