How Did We Manage Without Deep Oscillation? A Patient Review

Leslie and Carole Allman, from Kent, describe how Deep Oscillation has helped with Lipo-Lymphoedema, Arthritis, Pressure Sores, Plantar fasciitis, COPD and the regular aches and pains of growing older.

Published on LinkedIn Pulse 18th April 2018

"We have had our Deep Oscillation Personal Sports for just over a year and cannot imagine how we managed without one! It was purchased at the Talk Lipoedema Conference for my wife, Carole who had for years attempted to find a drug free product to provide relief from the constant discomfort and pain caused by her arthritis and Lipo-Lymphoedema.

It has been a revelation in the amount of relief and ease it provides. It not only enables Carole to obtain to a better nights rest, but it has become helpful in so many other ways too. We have discovered it helps reduce the sharp cramping sensation caused by Plantar Fasciitis. Hard scar tissue benefits from treatment and arthritic pain is relieved.

We are delighted by a recent discovery that a nasty pressure sore which had developed into a wound (which unfortunately has taken the health service over eighteen months to try to control) could benefit from treatment. Why didn’t we think of it before! The Physio-Pod has encouraged healing in the skin tissues and the sore is improving quite dramatically. We will continue treating this area to avoid a reoccurrence of this problem.

I have also used the machine regularly for aches and pains and it even helped reduce some pains caused by side effects of my COPD. We cannot recommend this product highly enough – not forgetting the wonderful after sales and customer care service provided by Mary and Julie!

Unfortunately, purchasing a Deep Oscillation Personal Sports is rather expensive and may prove difficult for those on a restricted income but, if you can afford it, get one of your own. The only thing you will regret is not having bought one earlier!“

Carole and Leslie Allman, Kent. UK