Lymphoedema in Lockdown

"I started to suffer with Lymphoedema in my right leg as a result of surgery in the Spring of 2005...

You can watch my video here on YouTube.  I have been thinking a lot about those suffering with this complaint during the lockdown caused by Coronavirus and how it must be for you not being able to get to your therapists for the regular treatments that relieve your symptoms. My heart goes out to you all it must be really difficult.

I purchased a PhysioPod when the personal version was first released in 2008.   It felt like such a lot of money at the time, but we figured out that overtime it would end up being a saving, as I wouldn’t have to make regular visits to my therapist.   It was one of the best decisions and best investments ever.  I have been able to manage my condition at home, the machine has travelled with me inland and abroad, even been on a few cruises and is a real loyal workhorse that has paid for itself many times over.    But it’s in this current COVID-19 pandemic that I have come to appreciate it in an even greater way.   I would have been at home for over ten weeks now without access to a therapist and my condition would have become unbearable.  As it is I have continued with by twice weekly self-treatment and all is well.

This little machine is utterly amazing and I cannot say enough how much I recommend anyone suffering with Lymphoedema to really think seriously about buying one.   Get in touch with Julie or Mary through this website.  They are wonderful people who will talk you through how the machine works and, trust me, if you purchase one they are always on the end of the phone for you should you need them."

Pauline Bexon. May 2020

Swanage, Dorset