Lower Limb Lymphoedema - Getting into a Routine with Deep Oscillation

Patient Feedback

"I got to know about PhysioPod and Deep Oscillation though my MLD therapist Justine Asghar. Having my own device has enabled me to be much more proactive in managing my Lymphoedema. Prior to this, I wasn’t doing a great deal.

It has enabled me to soften the tissue and I feel it has improved the appearance of my leg. I use my device 3/4 times a week for about 40 minutes, it’s really easy and simple to use. If you build it into your routine it becomes a habit that really will make a great difference.

I now see my therapist a few times a year, Justine is impressed with how I am managing and caring for my leg. I am so glad I invested in getting my own personal device and would recommend anyone with Lymphoedema getting one!"