Diagnosed At Aged 19 With Primary Lymphoedema, Victoria Reports That DEEP OSCILLATION® Is The Best Tool, By Far, For Keeping Her Leg In The Best Possible Condition

"I was diagnosed with a Primary Lymphoedema in one of my legs at the age of 19. I have had a lot of lymphatic massage, laser treatment and numerous courses of CDT. DEEP OSCILLATION® was by far the best tool I discovered in my search to find something that I could use everyday to keep my leg in the best condition possible...

Read on Press Release Point 28.07.2014


Victoria has the HIVAMAT® 200


personal unit


and the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS, ideal for "home use" and travelling abroad, taken as carry on luggage


...It has been an invaluable tool in the management of my Lymphoedema, providing me with some peace of mind and saving me a lot of time. I have used DEEP OSCILLATION® every day in conjunction with Simple Lymphatic Draining (SLD) and this has kept the tissue soft, whilst maintaining the improvement achieved through CDT.  The machine seems to ‘super charge’ the SLD and is very easy to use. It is such a relief to know that if, for whatever reason, extra fluid accumulates, I can treat myself and DEEP OSCILLATION® will take care of it.

I would highly recommend DEEP OSCILLATION® to anyone who suffers from Lymphoedema as an efficient way to help manage the condition independently.  I have the HIVAMAT® 200 at home but decided to also invest in one of the personal machines which I particularly recommend, because it is so portable and perfect for travelling, I have recently been travelling extensively with friends and have had no trouble taking this unit as my 'carry on' luggage."   Victoria, 28.07.14


Download: Holidays and travel for people with lymphoedema fact sheet from the LSN - please click here