It's Time To Listen To Your Hands..

And Time To Discover DEEP OSCILLATION® (DOT) - A Must Read For All Practitioners Using Massage As A Regular Part Of Treatment Protocols



DOT is delivered without any pressure being applied by the Practitioner, permeating a depth of 8cm (Solangel, 2010)
DOT works through all of the tissue layers, including the connective tissue, with clinically proven biological effects (now listed in 10 PubMed studies)
Gentle, intermittent, electrostatic impulses attract and release the tissue up to 250 times a second, breaking down trapped biological matter before pumping it out to the lymph system for removal, enabling the good guys; the blood, oxygen and nutrients to re-enter the area boosting the body’s natural healing process




Nicky Snazell, BSc, BSc, MCSP, Fi STOP Consultant Physiotherapist in Spinal Pain, Fellow of Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain, International Lecturer in Pain and Health wrote:

"At last, technology that addresses the wear and tear of physical therapists hands with the wonderful connectivity of being a hands on treatment, shear genius. A patient summed it up, when he said: 'for the first time, I felt us journey through the treatment process together, rather than being broken up while you get other bits of kit out, that don't involve touch and with you sitting behind your desk.'' It is a true Godsend for hands-on therapists. Thank you"




 hands on


  • DOT is delivered through the vinyl-gloved hands of the Practitioner; who is also connected via an electrode and spiral lead to the device
  • The patient holds a titanium bar in the palm of their hand; this forms the three-way connection for the therapy to work 
  • Applicators also enable self-management and are an alternative method to apply the therapy to the patient, in circular movements over the skin. 
  • A light dusting of talcum powder helps the therapy to glide as the hands massage. 


Applicable In 'Acute" Injury Stage

Because it is so gentle, DOT can be applied in the acute injury stage whereby conventional therapies would be contraindicated. Clinically proven DOT has, in the last ten years, become the therapy of choice for many elite sporting clubs, private physiotherapists, NHS and private Lymphoedema practitioners. DOT enjoys a high level of patient acceptance due to the pleasant oscillating sensations, which promote a feeling of well-being, as well as being biologically effective.

Early Post Operative Therapy

In the early post-operative period, DOT helps to significantly reduce pain, swelling, tightness and bruising, promoting mobility and helping patients quickly regain range of motion. It also promotes a dynamic wound healing with less resultant scar tissue. Applied pre-operatively, it helps to break down any areas of fibrosis and provide lymphatic drainage which prepares the tissue for incision; helping the surgical technique.

Do you have a patient/patients in mind who would benefit from DOT?

Maybe you have a patient with stubborn fibrosis, chronic scar tissue or cording from breast cancer surgery? Perhaps a back pain that isn’t budging, a tennis elbow not responding to treatment, an Achilles problem, in fact, any MSK condition that would perhaps benefit from this non invasive, non traumatic therapy. It is especially suitable for frail, older patients, who cannot tolerate a traditional deep massage but do need your help.

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