"At times, Deep Oscillation has literally been an equine lifesaver"

Following publication of my first article four years ago in VetClick, I continue to be impressed with my "PhysioPod" (aka the Deep Oscillation Personal)

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I would even go as far as to say 'astounded' by how effective it is as a therapy. At times, it has literally been a lifesaver. In this case study there were no other treatment choices available and so we decided to use the PhysioPod. We had no guarantees of outcome, but also nothing to lose.

Deep Oscillation produced nothing short of amazing results and this lovely horse was given a reprieve. Needless to say, the owners were thrilled and inclined to think the PhysioPod had worked a miracle and I could not disagree. There is a lot of positive research on the effects of deep oscillation, which is reassuring for clients and for me. The PhysioPod remains indispensable, in my day-to day work with horses.

Equine Case Study

In June 2019, I received a call from a horse owner who had read about Deep Oscillation therapy use in equine on my website. Her 14-year-old thoroughbred (an ex-racehorse) had been treated for Cellulitis back in November 2018. Although the infection had been resolved, the leg remained badly swollen from above the hock to pastern. I have previously had clients whose horses have been under *vet care for the after effects of cellulitis, with very swollen limbs, and which in spite of best efforts, have remained enlarged and threatened to split open again and the only option left has been humane euthanasia. I called the treating Vet for a chat and to make sure they were happy for me to go ahead and to treat with Deep Oscillation therapy, which they were.

Protocol: Deep Oscillation treatments were given once a week over a four week period. 

Treatment Outcome

The horse reacted well to treatment and was relaxed throughout. I used one vinyl gloved hand and one 9.5 cm deep oscillator head over the area. After the initial treatment, the leg reduced by 5o% and with each subsequent visit, the leg continued to reduce in size. The photo on the left is before the first session with PhysioPod and clearly shows the lower limb with hock the size of a football. The photo on the right is after the 4th session and shows the limb returned to normal size. A few days after my last visit, I received the following message:

‘Hi Elaine, can’t tell you how thrilled I am with B’s leg, it’s come down even more. Thank you so much, to think we were on the verge of having him put to sleep"

Update from owner - 15th August, 2019

“B’s doing amazingly well and we are so thrilled with the Deep Oscillation treatment. The farrier came yesterday and commented on how good it was looking”

Therapist Conclusion:

"I am so impressed by the difference and that the results have maintained a month on. Just fantastic! In terms of human chronic oedema cases, these pictures probably look like very little swelling, but anyone who works with horses that have residual swelling from cellulitis will know that swelling in lower limbs like this is an urgent situation - they have no capacity for skin to expand more than this without it becoming split and infected. Some horses develop some fluid swelling if stood in with little exercise but this was not fluid or pitting and did not go down even when turned out for several hours. Thank you to PhysioPod UK Limited for bringing this marvellous therapy to our equine world."

On VetClick in November 2015 - Elaine Mariani wrote:

"In my practice as an equine sports massage therapist, I see a broad range of horses with a variety of problems, from young horses with field injuries, advanced dressage horses with sports injuries or tired muscles/muscles in spasm, event horses, horses recovering from surgery, to elderly horses with oedema, atrophied and tight back muscles, and the full range of problems in between, and I use the Physiopod DEEP OSCILLATION® unit every day on almost every horse I see and I would not be without it.

The Physiopod DEEP OSCILLATION® unit is an amazing piece of kit – the horses love it (and often fall asleep while I am using it) and I love it because it not only helps me to get to the root of the problem more quickly, it also makes it possible for me to help where previously it would have been incredibly painful, and therefore the horse would have been less than compliant.

One very happy horse having Deep Oscillation treatment with Elaine Mariani ESMT

Muscles in spasm or that have splinted, that have no movement in them, that were previously problematic to treat but are now easily resolved by using the Physiopod DEEP OSCILLATION® unit.

Horses seem to welcome the soothing, very small amount of vibration where they may resent use of my hands and an added bonus is that once they have relaxed from Physiopod DEEP OSCILLATION® use they completely trust me to continue with manual release of tight muscles.

It is without doubt one of the best investments I have made in my business and I highly recommend it to any equine body worker looking for something to make the time spent treating a horse more efficient, make the experience more enjoyable for the horse and to save hands from over use.

As an added bonus, when my back is giving me problems at the end of a heavy week, I use it on myself too – I can vouch for its efficacy!

Elaine Mariani ESMT

*It is a legal requirement  that anyone treating an animal must have veterinary permission to do so as per the Veterinary Act 1966. Elaine Mariani requests permission of the clients Vet to massage a horse prior to appointment. If during an assessment, a horse presents with symptoms which may require veterinary attention (such as lameness), Elaine may decline to proceed with treatment until further veterinary advice has been sought.


Bodo Wisst, Physiotherapist in Peru demonstrates how Deep Oscillation is applied in equine in this short video clip with one gloved hand and one applicator, both providing treatment.

DEEP OSCILLATION® has been used in the UK on riding and performance horses with good effect, not only for cases of lymphatic incompetence, but also to speed up wound healing, tendon injuries, relieve fascial restrictions from over girthing, saddle sores, promoting smooth formation of scar tissue, etc. It is used for Pre-Event Massage, increasing circulation, reducing muscular tension, improving flexibility and the delivery of nutrients. For Post Event massage; flushing out waste products, which have accumulated during an event and promoting fluid circulation, reducing inflammation.

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Dr. Alexandra Moldovan applies DEEP OSCILLATION® which helped Spartacus after being diagnosed with brachial plexus .

"Spartacus , now 7 months old, was abandoned on the side of the road, and when we found him, he was dragging his left front leg, without being able to use it at all. We first thought it was broken, but the X-ray showed nothing of this sort. We then diagnosed him with brachial plexus injury and started using DEEP OSCILLATION®, hoping that in time he will recover and that we won’t have to amputate his front leg. At first, his joint was very stiff and because of the dragging and the impossibility of controlling the movement of his leg, he started getting wounds and we had to bandage him for a couple of days. But only after 10 days of using DEEP OSCILLATION® for 15 minutes at 200Hz intensity twice per day, he started moving his paw and even put his leg on the ground, the stiffness disappeared and his joint became mobile again. Because of the nature of this injury, we were so skeptical and we couldn’t foresee such an amazing improvement. Of course, it will take a lot of time for him to completely recover, but, at this point, we don’t consider amputating his leg an option anymore. DEEP OSCILLATION® has been speeding up his healing process in an amazing way, maybe it would have taken months for him to be able to put his leg on the ground but instead, we had to wait for only 10 days! It really has done wonders, with no side effects, he loves his minutes of treatment, when he relaxes completely and we love to see him play, grow stronger every day and living the good and happy life that he has always deserved."

Dr. Alexandra Moldovan
Petlove Veterinary Cliniq Cluj-Napoca (with thanks to Anca Pop PHYSIOMED Aparatura Medicala Romania)

About Deep Oscillation

DEEP OSCILLATION® has been in the UK since 2006 and in Ireland since 2009, it is now in over 83 countries worldwide and PhysioPod UK Limited are official suppliers to the NHS http://nhsmia.bipsolutions.com/register.php#P. , where it is commonly used for Lymphoedema and Lipoedema management.

Clinics and Rehabilitation Centres, Chartered Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, MLD Practitioners, Complementary and Sports Therapists are all using this cutting edge technique and it is increasingly used within the elite sporting world, recently being showcased at Elite Sports Performance at London ExCel.

Outstanding results can be achieved with DEEP OSCILLATION®, even where other therapies have had no effect. 

The therapist simply wears a pair of light vinyl gloves and/or applicators and use their normal massage techniques to deliver intermittent low frequency, electrostatic impulses to the tissue layers, permeating a depth of 8 cm through skin, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels with proven effects in the connective tissue. Excess biological matter with any abnormal fluid build-up are broken down and gently flushed into the lymph system for removal enabling blood oxygen and nutrients to the area enhancing the natural healing process.  

No heat, no electrical stimulation, safe over pins and plates

It is very important to realise that this therapy does not heat or electrically stimulate the tissue like the thermal setting of Ultrasound or stimulate in the same way as Tens. Part of the patent of DEEP OSCILLATION® involves an active discharge device. The circuit stops and starts and so can be safely used throughout the day. There has never been any adverse effect reported to therapist or patient since 1988.

Physiological Effects

The following physiological effects of DEEP OSCILLATION® are clinically proven: 

•   Highly effective in reducing pain

• Anti-inflammatory

•   Effective in reabsorbing oedema (swelling)

•   Encouraging wounds to heal

•   Fibrosis Reduction

•   Improving trophicity

•   Rubor reduction (haematoma/bruising)

•   Detoxification

•   Improving quality of tissue

"The Mechanisms of Deep Oscillation" written by Dr Jens Reinhold can be viewed here http://www.physiopod.co.uk/assets/images2017/2017-MLD-6pp-web.pdf

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