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A Swiss Perspective - "Why Practitioners Should Add Deep Oscillation"

By Mary Fickling on May 27 2019. PhysioPod recently shared an article with their Swiss distribution partner, Sven Widmer of Fritac, which included a graphic of 49 Deep Oscillation references broken down into clinical effects (below). Sven shares the passion of non-invasive Deep Oscillation and duly forwarded his thoughts from a 'Swiss Perspective':

A Special Patient Gathering To Celebrate Deep Oscillation Being In The UK & Ireland for Ten Years With Seven Patient Video Interviews

By Mary Fickling on May 23 2019. On Saturday 2nd February 2019, a very snowy Winter's day, PhysioPod® UK travelled to Dorset to attend a special gathering of her patients, which was held in their honour at Stoborough Village Hall. Christine Talbot, MLD DLT Lymphoedema Practitioner in Wareham had asked PhysioPod to attend and for them to meet her patients. Seven of the fifty plus attending were interviewed by Dave MacDonald of Silver Island TV. They gave very honest feedback of their Lymphoedema and the treatment they had received from Christine Talbot with MLD and Deep Oscillation Therapy combined.

DEEP OSCILLATION® - From Discovery in Krakow to Daily Clinic Use in the UK

By Mary Fickling on Apr 30 2019. By Chris Boynes, Chartered Physio (Speaker COPA 2019), Specialist in musculoskeletal, sports and spinal treatments

Golfers Chronic Back Pain Helped with Deep Oscillation Therapy from Jayne Burbidge Therapies

By Mary Fickling on Apr 17 2019. "Having endured several months of severe back pain, it was with some scepticism that I opted to try the “non-invasive” Deep Oscillation therapy at Jayne Burbidge Therapies. Within a few weeks of receiving my first treatment, I was amazed to find that the chronic back that I had suffered for many months started to ease. Within a very short period my flexibility and movement improved dramatically and I have seen consistent improvement week by week"

Deep Oscillation 'A Revelation And Saviour To The Lymphoedema Self-Care Regime' Reports Sufferer

By Mary Fickling on Apr 03 2019. PhysioPod were delighted to receive this feedback in March from Lin who is managing her Lymphoedema with a good self care routine and the addition of Deep Oscillation #LymphoedemaAwareness

Multiple Sclerosis Sufferer Helped With Deep Oscillation Therapy Following Hemiarthroplasty

By Mary Fickling on Apr 01 2019. Tracey Doolan wrote: "My husband has Multiple Sclerosis and other very complicated health issues and Christmas morning 2018, he fell from the bed and partially fractured his hip.  Following the Hemiarthroplasty, my husband had some physio intervention provided by the NHS but it was intermittent and only for a short period of time, leaving him unable to stand or walk...

EMBODY The Magazine for Complementary Therapists (The CThA) Features DEEP OSCILLATION®: A Practitioner Review

By Mary Fickling on Mar 29 2019. Susan Johnson MTI/CNHNC/IMA of SJ Healthy Life Naturally "I discovered Deep Oscillation therapy at the MTI Conference in London in 2018, where it was being demonstrated by the Sisters and Directors, Julie Soroczyn and Mary Fickling of PhysioPod UK. I really didn’t expect to be going home with a device of my own!" Download the full article here.

Pain, Swelling, Oedema or Wound Healing Disorders? Download the new DEEP OSCILLATION® patient information booklet

By Mary Fickling on Mar 03 2019. Download the new FOC Physiomed Deep Oscillation Therapy Information for Patients. Space on reverse of document to enter Therapist or Clinic details.

DEEP OSCILLATION® New Generation Devices Spring 2019

By Mary Fickling on Mar 21 2019. Reshaping the future of innovative, non-invasive, healthcare products, PhysioPod UK are delighted to announce their new generation of DEEP OSCILLATION® devices, which will be available from early April 2019.