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Lipoedema Liposuction: Post Operative Recovery With Deep Oscillation

By Mary Fickling on Feb 19 2019. Liposuction for Lipoedema (a chronic adipose tissue disorder) has become an increasingly popular treatment choice for sufferers; where conservative methods have not been effective. Ladies are finding that the procedure does improve symptoms and enhance the quality of their lives, but it is important to keep in mind that Consultants state this is not a cure for the condition. PhysioPod now have a small amount of Deep Oscillation Personal Units available to help with the post operative recovery period. The following is a short feedback of one lady who has used for one calendar month plus the experiences of others who have undergone the same procedures and their recovery with Deep Oscillation.

New Article in Embody Winter 2018 from Tracey Taylor

By Mary Fickling on Jan 15 2019. Tracey Taylor read about Deep Oscillation in the Training and Education sector of Embody, the magazine of the Complementary Therapists Association back in 2017. Her initial thoughts are expressed in this article and then how she soon realised that Deep Oscillation was 'something to be reckoned with' and 'a tool which would help her (no pressure required) and help her clients'.

Acupuncture in Physiotherapy™ Autumn 2018 Issue - Chris Boynes, Deep Oscillation.

By Mary Fickling on Jan 11 2019. A big thank you to AACP and Chris Boynes for allowing us to upload this extract on our "Latest News" which appeared in Acupuncture in Physiotherapy™ Autumn 2018 Issue. Chris Boynes spoke on this topic at the AACP Conference in May 2018, to a very enthusiastic audience and the enquiries since have been wonderful. As noted below, non-members of AACP can purchase a copy of this from AACP.

Patrica Lawson, NHS Lymphoedema Specialist Practitioner Reviews Use of Deep Oscillation

By Mary Fickling on Jan 10 2019. In October 2018, PhysioPod were delighted to install and train Patricia Lawson and Julie Smith in the use of Deep Oscillation; enhancing their county-wide Lymphoedema service based at Peterlee, County Durham. Patricia and Julie first learned of the therapy from Sue Bartle, Breast Care Nurse at Memorial Hospital, Darlington in 2013. They are both delighted to finally have their own units to treat the patients in their care and as an added bonus, because of the minimal pressure that is required to deliver effective therapy to a depth of 8cm, non-invasive Deep Oscillation treatment has reduced pressure in their own hands.

Management of Lymphoedema of the Breast - Case Study Published in MLD UK The Journal - October 2018

By Mary Fickling on Nov 30 2018. This case study, written by Sue Hansard, Lymphoedema Nurse Specialist is kindly reproduced with the permission of MLD UK and involves the benefit of adding Deep Oscillation therapy to the treatment protocol for Lymphoedema of the breast and the conclusions of Practitioner and Patient.

What is Laughter Yoga?

By Mary Fickling on Nov 22 2018. The delightful Tess Sanderson explains to PhysioPod just what Laughter Yoga is, the benefits and why she became a laughter yoga leader - thanks Tess - you are an inspiration to us all.. x

Deep Oscillation Debuts at The Equi-Pilates Conference 2018 - Feedback

By Mary Fickling on Oct 26 2018. Susan Johnson MTI/CNHNC/IMA, Holistic Massage and Wellbeing Practitioner of Health Life Naturally recently promoted Deep Oscillation to delegates at the 2018 Equi-Pilates Conference where Dr Jenni Douglas, her daughter was a speaker at the event entitled The Physiological Demand and Physical Preparation Strategies of Equestrian Athletes. PhysioPod were delighted to hear how it all went having supported Susan with literature etc for delegates and promoting on all social media platforms.

Isabelle Pulver Ultra Cyclist Confirms Deep Oscillation Calms Pain During Race Around Austria Allowing Pain Free Participation

By Mary Fickling on Nov 15 2018. PhysioPod are delighted to received this excellent feedback from Isabelle Pulver of her successful self treatment with Deep Oscillation during the race, which helped her not only to finish in 2nd place but to be 15 hours faster than in 2014 in what is Europe's hardest bicycle race.

Lipo-Lymphoedema Sufferer Discovers Additional Symptom Relief of Osteoarthritis With DEEP OSCILLATION Personal

By Mary Fickling on Nov 15 2018. When Jill Wibberley, a very talented multi crafter, was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the hands her options were pain medication (which she already took for Lipo-Lymphoedema) and anti-inflammatories which bring on asthma attacks. In a moment of inspiration, Jill considered what the effect of Deep Oscillation, a tool she already had at her disposal, would be... watch the video to discover just how it helped..

Secondary Lymphoedema - Back In The Control Of The Patients Hands - With Thanks to Deep Oscillation

By Mary Fickling on Nov 13 2018. "My Lymphoedema was first diagnosed in 2004, in my left arm following surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer. Until 2014, I believed that I had it under control - with simple compression sleeves for the affected arm. I also believed what I was I was told - that typically such Lymphoedema only affected the arm adjacent to the surgery.