Question 7: Why does the health care profession know so little about Lymphoedema and when it comes to lymphoedema, why are HCP’s so reluctant to accept that those who have lived with Lymphoedema a long time may have more knowledge than they do?

Jane Wigg RGN, MSc, Lymphoedema Clinical Expert, Answers L-W-O Community Member Questions


All wording and voiceover Jane Wigg RGN, MSc, Lymphoedema Clinical Expert, Answers L-W-O Community Member Questions

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Having Lymphoedema can be very frustrating, very often, you'll go to the Doctor, you may have even investigated on Dr Google and suggest that you may have Lymphoedema.

You're very often blown away by the fact that he seems very 'uninterested' or knows very little about it it's not their fault in many circumstances, They were just not taught this stuff. It was not, part of their training... Unfortunately for you, the lymphatics are not sexy but they are becoming more so and lots of new science means that there is more learning, and more, to be taught at a much faster pace, which will ultimately improve care and treatment.

For those of you that have been diagnosed with Lymphoedema and have been to see other healthcare professionals, you sometimes wonder why there is so little interest in Lymphoedema and it's the same old thing.. I, however, was hooked and I became a lymphomanic in a very short time..

It may be that within the GPs training and medical training that they will cover very little on the lymphatic system, usually about immunity which of course, we now know, is very important in what causes and continues to worsen Lymphoedema.

In my nurse training I did 'one page' out of my 'Letts' Nursing Book. However, for those who are interested in Lymphoedema, you’ll find them imbed themselves, and immerse themselves and generally become true lymphomaniacs. The philosophy of the Lymphoedema Training Academy and Lymphvision, is that you should treat everyone as you would your own loved one, sitting in front of you. We teach our students to be present, consistent and caring.

Sometimes when you have an expert lymphoedema patient (like yourselves) it may be difficult for healthcare professionals sitting in front of you, they may feel new and be novice and you have so much more knowledge that they feel, well, a little bit threatened.

There so are many GPs and medics who are more than happy to hear the expert views of Lymphoedema patients. Lymph-What-Oedema is a classic example of this, leading the way, by example and doing as much as they can, for people with this condition. Maybe it’s time, if you feel frustrated with the information coming from your GP or your medic that you took a leaf out of their book and became a true Lymphoedema supporter of those living with Lymphoedema.

Patient advocates add to the valuable knowledge of what's necessary for us to continue lymphoedema to be recognised and on the government agenda, to help care, not only for yourselves, but for future generations.

Lets take a closer look..


See you in March 2022!

Jane Wigg


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