Question 6: Dear Jane: Food and Inflammation - Is there a relationship?

Jane Wigg RGN, MSc, Lymphoedema Clinical Expert, Answers L-W-O Community Member Questions


All wording and voiceover Jane Wigg RGN, MSc, Lymphoedema Clinical Expert, Answers L-W-O Community Member Questions

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Food and Inflammation - is there a relationship?

"This is an ongoing and up and coming question and this is a very general overview.

For many years we have understood that there is a link between lymphatics and inflammation

Inflammation is the bodies natural response to an insult or injury, recognising a problem and sending out immune cells to fight the attack.

We understand that in order to heal, the body produces cells to repair the body or fight infection and sometimes over produces these cells.

The function of the lymphatic system is to not only drain fluid but to have an immune response.

Inflammation is the first response in many conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease.

Where food is concerned, remember that food is fuel, and we need it for our body to survive.

When we eat the wrong foods, our bodies recognise them as ‘harmful’ and will try and ‘neutralise’ the harm it can cause.

The gut has lymphoid cells in it and also lymphatics draining fluid away, so these can become inflamed and lead to problems such as irritable bowl, Crohns disease or diarrhoea. Of course not everyone has these problems.

The types of foods the body may react to is caffeine, processed food, too much sugar, salt or fats or overcooked foods, or unwashed natural foods.

If we eat healthy, non processed, natural foods, the body will not have to respond so much meaning it can do its real job of draining fluid and fighting infection.

Think of your body as the best and most expensive car ever made, it has to last a lifetime-
make sure you put the best fuel in it, for the best performance

that will make it smooth,
make sure you take it out for a drive and
keep the parts well serviced
and treat it like it the most precious thing you own.


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Jane Wigg


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