Question 3 Dear Jane - How Do Lymph Channels Form?

Jane Wigg RGN, MSc, Lymphoedema Clinical Expert, Answers L-W-O Community Member Questions




"The lymphatics develop in the embryonic stage at about 5 weeks. The system develops from lymph sacs that originate from the vein, iliac and other main venous structure as developing in embryonic growth, cardinal and other veins and later from the mesentery of the intestines.


These lymph sacs develop into the lymphatic structures of lymphatic collectors (lymph channels), lymphoid tissue and nodes. When the baby is born, they have a fully developed or established drainage system that they will have for the rest of their lives. However, due to lack of exposure to outside germs, the baby will not have full immunity, and this will develop with exposure to our world.

Maybe understanding that the origin of some of the lymphatics are from the mesentery of the intestines, allows for us to better understand of how the cisterna chyle (the beginning or the thoracic duct and the largest lymphatic collector) deals with fats from the intestine, are all linked. It means that we should all eat better and be more watchful of what the lymphatics have to deal with on a daily basis."

A quick visual look at this..


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