A list of Professional and University Teams Using HIVAMAT®/DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy in the United States

PhysioPod UK Limited worked closely with previous distribution partners of Physiomed, William and Yvonne Griffith for many years and were very pleased to receive this elite list of users of DEEP OSCILLATION.

Since 2002, when HIVAMAT® 200/DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy became FDA approved, William and Yvonne Griffith and family members worked tirelessly, covering many thousands of miles to take the therapy into Professional and University Teams, their hard work paid off, judging by the list of clients provided to PhysioPod™ UK Ltd.  Click here to See the full list.  

A "Big Thank You" to them for helping UK/Republic of Ireland Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists to understand how well utilised the therapy was amongst the sporting elite of the United States.  



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