Isabelle Pulver, Physiotherapist and Ultra-Cyclist has finished the RAAM 2015, the race across America!

The race over 4.800 km and altitude differences of approx. 51.816m in total got finished by her in 10 days, 21 hours and 7 minutes. She won the “Ladies – Solo” category, she is ranked third among all ladies ever, and she has done the best time ever achieved by a “first-time-participant lady”.


Although Isabelle spoke of some muscular hardening in the right thigh and calves and some light oedema in the legs, she was surprised to have only little muscular problems during the whole race. Part of this is certainly due to the good preparation she had gone through and we also know that Isabelle was massaged with DEEP OSCILLATION® during every rest period…



Isabelle Pulver

Isabelle Pulver Photo by Martin Kuhn.


The DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS was used at every rest break during the Race Across America


Read more of Isabelle's use of DEEP OSCILLATION® in her "Race Around Austria"

She won the race, which led her to cycle 2’200 km in 5 days only, while coping with 30’000m altitude difference.




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