Barefoot Broadcasting discusses DEEP OSCILLATION® helping Lymphoedema Sufferers December 30th 2010 11am

December 30th 2010 11.00 am. Barefoot Broadcaster Carl Munson co-hosts with Angela Mahandru, the Editor of Choice Health and Wellbeing Magazine with Guest Christine Talbot who talks about DEEP OSCILLATION® for Lymphoedema sufferers as featured in the Dec 2010/Jan 2011 Issue,

November will see the launch of the Choice Health & Wellbeing Radio Show on The Barefoot Broadcast. Choice is of course the leading publication for Complementary Health, Education & Wellbeing, and every week, they will be looking at the latest news, issues and tips for getting and staying healthy - holistically.  Carl will be joined by Angela Mahandru of the Choice team, as well as the writers and health experts featured in the latest issue.  On the December 30th Broadcast Five, Christine Talbot, SRN, MLD Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist (Vodder, Casley Smith and Medical Leduc) will discuss DEEP OSCILLATION® for Lymphoedema Sufferers

Speaking of the new launch Carl Said "I'm so pleased Choice is joining forces with The Barefoot Broadcast, I see what we do as nutritious media - inspiring and supporting the listener to make positive choices about health and lifestyle with a big dose of humour." For more information take a look at:

PhysioPod™ UK Ltd recommend  Choice Health and Wellbeing magazine as a worthwhile periodical in which to subscribe, as it provides the latest and most important sources of information in the world of Health.  Choice Health and Wellbeing presents coverage on diverse topics which make it an 'ideal read' for health conscious consumers and practitioners.

DEEP OSCILLATION® has featured in several of the eight issues since it first started, you can read each article by clicking the links below.

Issue 4 April/May 2010

DEEP OSCILLATION® - Deep Tissue Massage Therapy - A major breakthrough for therapists

Issue 5 June/July 2010

Toni Newbold, Complementary Therapist gives a review of DEEP OSCILLATION® and how it has helped with her own back problems

Issue 6 Aug/Sept 2010

Highlight of a tough year... DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy came to Ireland

Issue 8 Dec/Jan 2011

DEEP OSCILLATION® helping to change the quality of lives of Lymphoedema sufferers

  • Christine Talbot SRN, MLD Practitioner (Vodder, Casley Smith, Medical Leduc) and Lymphoedema Therapist talks to Angela Mahandru and Carl Munson about how DEEP OSCILLATION is changing the quality of lives of Lymphoedema sufferers

  • Tune in on December 30th 2010 at 11.00 am for the CHOICE Health and Wellbeing Show

  • Angela Mahandru, Editor of Choice Health and Wellbeing Magazine co-hosts with Carl Munson on Barefoot Radio, 11am December 30th 2010

  • Choice Health and Wellbeing Magazine - DEEP OSCILLATION has featured in four issues this year helping raise awareness of this new therapy to the UK and Ireland