DEEP OSCILLATION® helping change the lives of Lymphoedema Sufferers

Choice Health and Well-Being Magazine Dec-Jan 11 Issue explore the differences DEEP OSCILLATION® is making to sufferers of Lymphoedema.

It was the vision of PhysioPod™ UK Ltd that DEEP OSCILLATION® would assist all MLD Therapists to get a better result for their Lymphoedema patients and to reduce the pressure from their own bodies whilst treating.  They also hoped that it wound eventually be accessible too as a self-treatment option for Lymphoedema sufferers. 

CHOICE HEALTH AND WELLBEING magazine report on the latest update of how DEEP OSCILLATION® has helped Lymphoedema sufferers and how it has helped change the quality of their lives with several UK/Ireland sufferers now self treating.  Read the latest article in CHW Dec/Jan 11