Sports Performance and Recovery with Acupuncture - News from The Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP)

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"With the 2016 Olympics in Rio approaching, we are sure to have plenty of sporting achievements to be proud of as a country again this year. And let's not forget the vital role that trusted health professionals, such as Physiotherapists, play in ensuring our athletes perform at their best, remain injury-free and recover quickly and safely when those unavoidable injuries do happen.  Through an advanced knowledge of myofascial pain and the processes of inflammation and tissue healing, physiotherapists trained in acupuncture can safely and effectively employ a variety of needling techniques for the treatment of both acute and chronic sports injuries. The advantage of acupuncture with physiotherapy is that patients benefit from the integration of acupuncture into a complete and holistic management of their sports injury, including the development of an appropriate exercise and stretching programme that takes in to account tissue trauma, muscle imbalance and normal movement patterns. Such exercise and stretching programmes can be better utilised following the application of acupuncture due to its analgesic effects, aiding a faster recovery and ensuring they can get back to achieving their sporting goals. 

AACP are seeing more and more athletes turning to acupuncture with physiotherapy to help improve performance without the use of drugs and with few to no side effects. The many benefits athletes enjoy include pain relief, increased circulation, reduced inflammation, quicker recovery times from injuries and workouts and relaxation of tense muscles."

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