PAST PhysioPod® UK Limited to attend LSN AGM at The Mechanics Conference Centre on Friday 9th September 2016

PhysioPod® UK Limited are looking forward once again to meeting to meeting new and existing LSN Members and providing information and small tasters of DEEP OSCILLATION therapy.

DEEP OSCILLATION® is used for Lymphoedema, Lipoedema, Lipo-Lymphoedema and Chronic Oedema


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Below DEEP OSCILLATION® Evident, the DEEP OSCILLATION® Evident SPORTS, the HIVAMAT® 200 and the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS (pictured below) which are more frequently used in practice, as well as for self management.







The athermal mechanical mode of action of DEEP OSCILLATION® can induce the following clinically documented effects in treated tissue:


  • Strong pain-alleviating potential. This applies to acute traumatic as well as to chronic pain conditions 
  • Anti-inflammatory effect 
  • Prevention and reduction of secondary and primary lymphoedema 
  • Prevention of fibrotic remodelling processes, reduction of fibrosis 
  • Muscle relaxation, promotion of physical activity, mobilisation 
  • Support of wound healing processes 
  • Normalisation of haemodynamic parameters of the skin, correction of aesthetic-neurotic problems and influence on biological ageing through preventive effects on premature ageing 


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