MAGCELL® MICROCIRC helps with chemotherapy-induced polyneuropathy (CIPN)

A new double-blind placebo-controlled Phase III study (Rick et al. 2016) underpins results of a preceding Phase II study (Geiger et al. 2015): MAGCELL® MICROCIRC relieves symptoms of sensory neurotoxicities on hands and feet induced by chemotherapy

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A significant improvement compared to the placebo group was shown for the primary clinical end point - nerve conduction velocity of the peroneal nerve in the treatment group at study end (T3). The same applies in respect of the subjectively perceived neurotoxicity strength (CTCAE-Score, one of the other secondary clinical end points). The new finding of the authors is the fact that so far MAGCELL® MICROCIRC is the only non-pharmacological intervention of significant benefit to patients.

Read the entire study here.

Product Description


MAGCELL® MICROCIRC is an electrotherapy unit that was developed to promote blood circulation through the arteries. The treatment works quickly for diabetic foot syndrome, PAOD (peripheral arterial occlusive disease) or other ailments caused by reduced arterial blood circulation.


MAGCELL® MICROCIRC produces an immediately noticeable increase in peripheral blood circulation and prevents secondary complications. The treatment is especially recommended in early stages to provide a prophylactic effect in later stages.


High-dose magnetic pulse fields travel through the tissue to induce therapeutically effective electrical currents. These currents work deep in the tissue, improving circulation in the long term by up to 30% and optimizing cellular metabolism. The increase in blood flow can be traced back to cellular factors and vascular effects.


The effect of the treatment is noticeable after just a few applications. Cold feet or hands become warm again, annoying tingling and pain improve. The long-term increase in arterial blood circulation and improvement in microcirculation has been documented in clinical studies.


• One-touch operation

• Visual and acoustic controls

• Automatic shut-off after treatment

• Uses commercial AA batteries

• Metal container for transport

  • Magcell® MicroCirc available from award winning PhysioPod® UK Limited - MAGCELL® MICROCIRC - Increase circulation in the long term through electrode-free electrotherapy