Nina Blakemore felt amazing after her treatment

PhysioPod had the pleasure of meeting Nina Blakemore and her Mum back in 2013. Nina gave the following comment after her treatment.


nina blakemore

Nina Blakemore, Catwalk model and TV Presenter


“Thank you for the trial with the Oscillation machine - my legs have been "swishing" since the treatment, I really felt like it got everything moving once again and I felt like I was walking on air when I left - the "heaviness" that I so often feel in my legs was completely gone - truly amazing and very exciting!

On her feedback experience of the event she wrote: "Mum and I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Mary and Julie  also -  two gorgeous sisters who were there with their Oscillation machine which I was lucky enough to have a demonstration with - I cannot tell you how I felt afterwards - it was like walking on air - my legs felt so light, I wanted to go out and shout it from the rooftops! It is so wonderful to know that a machine like this is available and that relief for so many sufferers can be found in this deep massaging technique"