Chrissie Aldous provides feedback on using a PhysioPod for Lipoedema

"I first heard about the PhysioPod in October 2013, at a meet for ladies with Lipoedema. It is a very painful condition. Mary and Julie offered me a taster session on the PhysioPod...

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sharie, mary and juliemary talking


Sharie Fetzer Research Co-ordinator of Lipoedema UK ,

Mary Fickling and Julie Soroczyn, Sisters and Directors of PhysioPod™ UK Ltd pictured above 

at the Lipoedema Ladies meeting in October 2013.

.. I was very dubious, as how could a machine help with the horrid pain in my fat legs?  So I lay on the table, holding a little metal bar that was connected to the machine, then Julie's vinyl gloved hands were placed lightly on my legs, running up and down each leg and around a fat lump behind my right knee. After the treatment my legs felt a lot lighter and I was in less pain.  Then the dreaded question was asked, how much for the unit? It was quite an investment and my mouth dropped open! How on earth was I going to afford that on DLA and JSA? But I knew I had to have a PhysioPod™ UK Ltd of my own - I just knew it would help with my pain and make the quality of life better.  So when I got home I got my family and friends to help fundraise. We managed to raise the money needed.

In February 2014 my PhysioPod™ UK Ltd was hand delivered by Mary and Julie, I had a lovely session, they also showed my daughter Sophie how to use the machine.  I now use the machine at least twice a day, my daughter gives me a session via gloved hands and then I do a self-treatment circling the applicators over my legs. I found it a little difficult at first to self-treat but after a little while it became easier. I have now been using the PhysioPod™ UK Ltd for around 6 weeks and I am delighted to report that I no longer take any pain relief Oramorph (morphine) or any medication to  help me sleep. This machine is well worth every penny. It's my "Buddy" ...

Thanks to Mary and Julie for getting the spring back in my legs. I still wear my wraps on my legs but it is a lot easier to put them on. I have many lumps behind my knees, one was very big but now it is the size of a pea and hopefully they will all get smaller.  I also have fatty lumps all over my legs, they were hard lumps, now they are softer, so in time I am hoping they will disperse."

Chrissie Aldous, Norwich


Testimonials from other Lipoedema Sufferers self managing with the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS


"After myself and my mother were diagnosed with Lipoedema last year we found huge benefits from receiving regular manual lymphatic drainage treatments. As good as that is, financially it just isn't possible for us to go weekly. So when the Hivamat was recommended to us a few months ago by a well-respected MLD therapist, we hadn't heard about deep oscillation therapy, and wanted to find out more. We were given a demonstration of her Hivamat, and were so impressed that Mum decided to take the chance and invest in a personal unit for us to both use. We can't begin to say how much of a difference it has made - to come home, use the unit for 20 minutes, and for it to take the heavy, fluidy, feeling out of our legs and arms and more importantly to relieve any pain. Thanks to the Hivamat, we have been able to halve the number of MLD massages we go for. Although it seems so gentle when using it, the massage helps to move a lot of fluid out of limbs. We would have no hesitation in recommending the Hivamat to anyone, especially other sufferers of Lipoedema"

Louise, United Kingdom

“Thank you for the trial at the Lipoedema Ladies conference with the Oscillation machine - my legs have been "swishing" since the treatment, I really felt like it got everything moving once again and I felt like I was walking on air when I left - the "heaviness" that I so often feel in my legs was completely gone - truly amazing and very exciting!

On her feedback experience of the event on the Lipoedema Ladies website she wrote: "Mum and I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Mary and Julie  also -  two gorgeous sisters who were there with their Oscillation machine which I was lucky enough to have a demonstration with - I cannot tell you how I felt afterwards - it was like walking on air - my legs felt so light, I wanted to go out and shout it from the rooftops! It is so wonderful to know that a machine like this is available and that relief for so many sufferers can be found in this deep massaging technique"

Nina Blakemore, Catwalk and Television plus size model and Speaker at Lipoedema Ladies


What is Lipoedema?


This is a disorder of adipose tissue and it involves the excess deposit and expansion of fat cells in an unusual and particular pattern - bilateral, symmetrical and usually from the waist to a distinct line just above the ankles and unlike the "normal" fat of obesity, lipoedemic fat cannot be lost through diet and exercise. Surgery is highly controversial, and in many cases, can make the condition worse.

Lipoedema usually is triggered at puberty, but can trigger or worsen during or after pregnancy, at peri-menopause, and following gynecological surgery. If Lipoedema is diagnosed early, which currently is very rare, it is possible to prevent a significant expansion of lipoedemic fat cells, and to alert patients to their heightened risk for obesity so they can take appropriate action.
Estimates of the incidence of Lipoedema vary widely, and range as high as 11% of the post-puberty female population.

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What type of massage is advised?


Manual Lympathic Drainage (MLD) is an advanced therapy in which the practitioner uses a range of specialised and gentle rhythmic pumping techniques to move the skin in the direction of the lymph flow. It is a specialised massage technique designed to stimulate the flow of fluid and reduce swelling and must only be performed by a qualified practitioner. DEEP OSCILLATION® can be combined with MLD techniques. To read a list of practitioners combining the two therapies for effective results please click here

Simple Lymphatic Drainage (SLD) massage (including deep breathing exercise) is performed by the sufferer. The SLD technique is taught to sufferers by MLD & Lymphoedema Practitioners. It is vitally important that sufferers and relatives are taught the correct technique, in order to push the lymph fluid and its contents in the correct direction of flow. Self treatment can be combined with DEEP OSCILLATION® using the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS - to read more testmonials click here

Further Helpful Advice for Lipoedema sufferers can be read at  Lipoedema Simplified,

the Macmillan website, at MLD UK , BLSLipoedema Ladies, Talk Lipoedema and Lipoedema UK


Controlling and managing symptoms - self care can greatly help improve quality of life:

Making changes to diet following advice from a practitioner
Keeping to a healthy weight and avoiding smoking.
Wearing properly measured compression garments
Performing remedial exercises which are designed to activate the muscles in the limbs to improve lymph drainage
Regular skin care routines to prevent infection and injury

Qualified Lymphoedema/Lipoedema Practitioners offer MLD and Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (DLT) which will include:

Multilayer lymphoedema bandaging (MLLB) and compression garments to move the fluid out of the affected limb.

A very informative article about compression can be read on the Talk Lipoedema site click here.  This has been written by Elaine Cruickshank MacNicol, Lymphoedema Specialist and BLS Executive Committee Member < click to email for advice, Elaine is more than happy to offer advice to sufferers.   Products which may assist sufferers are Juxta FIT by CircAid and Juxta CURES if there is a leg ulcer present.

Lymphoedema Kinesio taping - a special stretchy tape is applied directly onto the skin. It gently lifts the top layer of skin, allowing the superficial lymph fluid to flow more easily. (Combined with bandaging/and or compression).

Skin care and exercises.