Sharie Fetzer gives feedback on the DEEP OSCILLATION treatment received at Lipoedema UK Conference 2014

“After spending a total of 4 days on my feet, 2 at the International Lymphoedema Framework Conference and 2 days running Lipoedema UK Conference and AGM, my legs were swollen and painful, so a session with a HIVAMAT 200® from Julie was wonderful.

new sharie

Sharie Fetzer, Chair of Lipoedema UK

"The HIVAMAT 200® really helped alleviate the swelling and pressure and when trying out the machine at home my husband got to benefit from a treatment to his arthritic hands at the same time as treating me whilst massaging with the gloves on. This is the feedback we received from one of our Lipoedema UK conference delegates” “I did have some amazing treatment for pain and muscular problems with the PhysioPod® UK Ltd team, Julie and Mary. They were giving free demonstrations of their machine, which penetrates 8 cms into the body with deep vibrating oscillation. Being a bit sceptical about this I hesitated but then decided to go forward for a session of treatment and found immediate relief from my neck and back pain. I was truly amazed at the results. They were incredible but the good thing is that they have a actually had some lasting effect"