TALK Lipoedema Sufferers Provide Feedback of DEEP OSCILLATION Massages Provided By Dee Stringer At The TALK Lipoedema Kent Roadshow

PhysioPod were delighted to be able to again support the work of TALK Lipoedema at their highly successful Kent Roadshow on July 9th 2016. Dee Stringer worked on their behalf to provide free 30 minute DEEP OSCILLATION massages throughout the day. Feedback was excellent.

What is Lipoedema?




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Lipoedema (NOT Lymphoedema) is a chronic, hereditary and genetic disorder of the adipose tissue (or body fat) which can be both disfiguring and painful. It predominantly affects women (although men can also suffer) from the age of puberty and beyond. Sufferers may have a normal slim (upper) body shape but a much larger disproportionate lower body below the waist without changes made to diet or exercise regime, in some cases, upper arms are effected too. As Lipoedema progresses, additional, expanding fat cells interfere with the pathways of lymphatic vessels and sufferers can develop secondary Lymphoedema and it then becomes known as Lipo-Lymphoedema. The effects of Lipoedema on the patient can also cause great psychological distress for the sufferer. It is very important for people with lipoedema to eat a healthy diet and follow a programme of low impact exercises such as swimming, walking or cycling.

PhysioPod™ UK Ltd exhibited DEEP OSCILLATION® at the TALK Lipoedema Spring Conference 2015 - click here to read more