Lipoedema Sufferer, Michelle Ellis Reports on DEEP OSCILLATION® Rehabilitation after WAL Liposuction And Full Arm Lift

Daily use of the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Aesthetics provided immediate pain relief and reduced swelling.

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"I have Lipoedema, it is a genetic condition that has lots going on under the surface, but presents as fat arms and legs predominantly. I disliked my arms so much I underwent Brachioplasty at a Private Hospital.  The operation involved WAL liposuction and a full arm lift. I was introduced to the personal PhysioPod unit a year earlier at one of the Lipoedema Ladies meets, I understood the science and knew this was what I wanted for rehabilitation of my arms after my surgery.

I showed my Surgeon who is a Consultant in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery the machine and accompanying literature; he read, understood and allowed my using of it from the day one after my surgery. The machine itself is nice and compact so it took no space in my overnight bag, which is a big plus if you were thinking of travelling with this machine and therapy.

It has a program for post-operative use for five days and under, so I used that for the first five days and then switched to the 5 days> post-operative programme.  I used the therapy machine 3 times a day to start with and then twice a day. Each session taking all of 40 minutes in total for both arms.

The feeling on the skin is rather lovely, a buzz of varying strength dependant on the cycle you are experiencing of the therapy. The very first thing I noted was the great pain relief it delivered. It relieved the pains that a powerful pain killer called Oxycodone did not reach for me and afterwards I felt my arms were lighter and more ‘alive’ feeling.  I found when my arms hurt or even one evening when I had terrible restless legs I could fix my problem with a short treatment from the PhysioPod machine.

At my two week post-operative appointment my surgeon noted that my arms were healing fast and well, so much so he asked if I would mind him inviting a couple of other medics in to see this. The same happened at my six week check-up. My surgeon was impressed and I explained that when I felt swelling or pain I zapped it away using the PhysioPod machine.

I would recommend this therapy machine to those having an operation like mine where you expect swelling and pain after the surgery. It helped me greatly, Thank you PhysioPod Ladies.

Michelle Ellis

Founder of Lipoedema Ladies 

Lipoedema Ladies

PhysioPod are supporting the next meeting of Lipoedema Ladies on 11th October 2014 at the Village Urban Resort in Manchester


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  • Michelle Ellis enjoyed a speedier than normal surgical recovery using the DEEP OSCILLATION Personal Aesthetics, following Brachioplasty which involved WAL liposuction and a full arm lift.

  • The DEEP OSCILLATION Personal Aesthetics was used Day 1 - 5 and Day 5 onwards on the Post Liposuction programme to reduce pain, swelling and bruising; making results smoother and more durable and also allowing an earlier return to normal activities than with standard protocols.

  • Permeating an 8 cm tissue depth, relaxing and very effective.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® will be exhibited at Lipoedema UK AGM and Conference 7th June 2014 at The Royal College of General Practitioners in London - See Links

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® will be exhibited at MLDuk Annual Conference on 10th/11th May 2014 at The Lane End Conference Centre, High Wycombe, Bucks - See Links