Listen Again to Christine Talbot talk about the Lymphatic System and DEEP OSCILLATION® on Holistic Hour

The "Holistic Hour" has been running on Carl Munson's Internet Radio since December 2nd 2010. A record number of listeners have tuned in each week to hear the latest news, issues and tips for getting healthy and staying healthy - holistically. In this programme Christine Talbot discusses the Lymphatic System and Lymphoedema and how DEEP OSCILLATION has made a remarkable difference to her patients.

30th December 2010 11.00 am

Listen to Broadcast Five

Christine Talbot  (State Registered Nurse, qualified in the Vodder/Medical Leduc and Casley Smith techniques of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy) talks about how DEEP OSCILLATION® has changed the quality of lives of her Lymphoedema Patients, several of whom are now self treating with the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal.

Christine featured in the latest issue of Choice Health and Wellbeing Magazine Dec/Jan 11 - click to read here and such was the response that she was invited to speak on the show about her work.


13th January 2011 11.00 am

Listen to Broadcast Seven

Penny Price - Hydrolats for the hair
Ravi Bhanot - What has oestrogen got to do with it (in women's hair thinning and hair loss)?


6th January 2011 11.00 am

Listen to Broadcast Six

Tammy Davis - Making Scents of it All

Geeta Vara - Ayurvedic treatment for conditions of the head and ENT



23rd December 2010 11.00 am

Billy (CranioSacral, Osteopathy, Homeopathy Specialist)

Johnathan Lawrence (Accupuncture, Herbal, Eastern Medicine) 

Listen to Broadcast Four - unfortunately due to technical problems the audio is broken at parts, if you wish to listen to the show please go to the CHOICE HEALTH AND WELLBEING WEBSITE.


16th  December 2010 11.00 am

Listen to Broadcast Three

Holly Taylor (Nutritionist) - Boosting Energy and Beating the Winter Blues

Givasio DeGlorio (Personal Trainer) - How Exercise can Fight Depression


9th December 2010 11.00 am

Listen to Broadcast Two

Adam Eccleston (Confidence and Business Couch) - Discover your confidence for personal and business success

Hemal Radia (Speaker, Author & Super Coach on Manifesting & Law of Attraction) - It's not so much about the 'How', it's about lining up your energy


2nd December 2010 11.00 am

Listen to Broadcast One

Robert Whagmare (META-Medicine Coaching and Training) - Social anxiety, the UK's hidden epidemic?

Denise P Oliver (Nutritional Healing) - Is anger preventing you and those around you from enjoying life?



Forthcoming shows for the diary:      

20th January 2011 11.00 am
Tom Lucas - When gentle exercise can be the best remedy (arthritis association - or can look at foods to avoid)

Kate Jakobsson - Much more than a workout (exercise for the elderly)