DEEP OSCILLATION® meets Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques in London - Sossi Yerissian

It is called a HIVAMAT® 200 and this device delivers a patented therapy called DEEP OSCILLATION®. Manufactured by a German company Physiomed Elektromedizin AG.

This therapy has been researched and developed for over 20 years but was only brought into UK in March 2007. Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Lymphatic Drainage Therapists and Equine Therapists etc are already using it with great success. Mary Fickling of Physiopod UK Ltd (The Sole UK Distributor), introduced this product to me. She is based in Nottingham and works with her Sister Julie Soroczyn, who is a Sports and Holistic Therapist. She has been using the device for 6 years, treating many sport injuries in her practice Therapeople.

I was very interested but apprehensive. It promised to accelerate wound healing, ulceration, fibrosis, swelling; everything that I combat in everyday MLD treatments. I decided to make the journey to Nottingham and meet these two ladies. I must admit it was an immediate mutual friendship from the moment I was picked up from the train station. I cannot remember how the next 3 hours passed. They showed me the 10-minute video of the device and thereafter it was "hands-on" experience.

The beauty of the device is that as an MLD therapist, I am using all the massage skills that I have been taught; the only difference being and without offending Dr Vodder and his principles in the MLD technique, is that I am applying the method with a pair of vinyl gloves. To be honest I liked the gentle vibrating sensation passing through my hands. It was very soothing and relaxing. I had a chance to receive the treatment from Julie; it was divine. I could have stayed on that couch for several hours... unfortunately, I had to catch a train back to London.

Mary and Julie were very kind to let me have the device for a trial. I borrowed the device for 2 weeks. I wanted to prove the promised results in my clinic, with my clients.

I treated the following conditions successfully with immediate results:

  • Fibrosis after a skin graft of the face
  • Swollen axillary and inguinal lymph nodes
  • Breast fibrosis
  • Secondary leg lymphoedema with very hard fibrosis
  • Fibrosis, tissue protein build-up after radiotherapy
  • Sinusitis and headache
  • Post plastic surgery swelling of the face
  • Puffy eyes

The results were amazing. In half an hour I achieved the same results as I do in 1-hour MLD. All my patients enjoyed the light vibrating sensation and the speedy results. The last 2 weeks that I used the Hivamat nobody made any negative comment. I tried on my regulars, hoping that they will be the best to judge. All found it very pleasant, soothing, relaxing and more enjoyable. Even, they encouraged me to buy the product.

How does the HIVAMAT® 200 work?

It delivers gentle electrostatic pulses to a depth of 8cm. The gentle pulses divide the negative and positively charged matter in the tissue, then compresses and pumps into the lymph system. Therefore, it clears the tissue from acid and protein built up, cytokines and waste products.

My personal judgment about this portable device is that it is a must for every MLD therapist as Ultra Sound is for a Physiotherapist. The beauty of the product is, it is very safe, very well researched and there is the support of a group of scientists who are always keeping up with their new research.

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