Training Courses For Practitioners: Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (DLT) for Lymphoedema

A Summary of Contact Information For Practitioner Training in Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (DLT) for Lymphoedema


There Are Four Components to

Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (DLT)


(*Source NHS Choices - Lymphoedema Treatment)


Compression bandages and garments – to move fluid out of the affected limb and minimise further build-up

Skin care – to keep the skin in good condition and reduce the chances of infection

Exercises – to use muscles in the affected limb to improve lymph drainage

Specialised massage techniques – known as manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) – to stimulate the flow of fluid in the lymphatic system and reduce swelling


 Practitioner Training Courses Include DLT For The Treatment And Management of Lymphoedema - Please Click On Logo For More Details



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Further helpful information can be found at:



The British Lymphology Society (BLS)


BLS members consist of health care professionals, as well as others who are directly involved in the management of lymphoedema. Members are encouraged to actively participate in helping to further the work of the society.





Manual Lymphatic Drainage UK (MLDuk)


 BMJ eLearning course (for GP's and GP trainees)
Chronic oedema and lymphoedema 


Within the site you will find information on MLDUK as an organisation and what it strives to achieve; what techniques are used by Manual Lymphatic Drainage Practitioners and a national and international register of MLDUK - accredited therapists


Patient Support Group



Lymphoedema Support Network


The LSN is a registered charity run by people who live with lymphoedema and is the largest information provider about the condition in the UK. The website forms part of their work and contains information for patients about the condition and the experience of living with lymphoedema as well as information for health care professionals looking to support patients with lymphoedema



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