Complex Head and Neck Lymphoedema improved and maintained with Deep Oscillation

Deep Oscillation applied both with manual lymphatic drainage and as self management with applicators provides relief to patient with complex secondary Lymphoedema of the head and neck.


The Lymphatic System

Mingled among the blood capillaries throughout the body is another network of tiny, thin-walled vessels called lymphatic capillaries.

When nodes have been removed from the neck the lymphatic system may become compromised, which means that the fluids which normally drain away, do not, leading to long-term swelling known as Lymphoedema. As well as swelling in the face or neck, it can also affect tissues inside the neck, such as the throat or larynx which can cause difficulty speaking, swallowing or breathing.  Read more at Macmillan Cancer Support and Questions and Answers on Head and Neck Lymphedema (HNL) -Brad Smith, MS, CCC-SLP, CLT

Patient and Practitioner Experiences with Deep Oscillation in the treatment of Head and Neck Lymphoedema



"My experience of using Deep Oscillation in the treatment of Lymphoedema is excellent, both used alongside manual lymphatic drainage therapy and when used in self-treatment. I had a lot of Lymphoedema in my neck and tongue, as I had all my nodes removed in my neck after surgery in my tongue and neck for cancer. My level of needs is complex and so I drive 45 minutes each way, twice a week to be treated in the hands of Lumi Worsfold who is a very skilled MLD DLT Lymphoedema practitioner. The swelling is so much better; I now have a good jaw-line, my speech is clear and my swallowing is excellent. Both my Surgeon and Oncologist have been very pleasantly surprised to see these remarkable results.

I have been so impressed with Lumi's treatment with Deep Oscillation, that I also purchased a Deep Oscillation Personal Sports to use when I am not going to Lumi, and especially when I am traveling and am not able to have my bi weekly treatment. I am happy to say that I am beginning to manage and contain the Lymphoedema with the personal unit and self-lymphatic drainage massage which Lumi has taught me; though obviously not to the same level as the treatment I get with Lumi.

My experience with Julie at Physiopod has also been excellent, she is very approachable and friendly and has been very prompt with any queries I have had, as well as in sending me a replacement part I needed. I’m happy to say I’ve received excellent after sales service from Julie and am very happy to recommend buying the Personal Unit from PhysioPod.

(Name withheld to protect patient identity and privacy)

Patient Feedback

"I purchased a Deep Oscillation personal machine in Jan 2015, I have used the machine daily since then. Post-surgery and six weeks of radiotherapy my lymph's were compromised on my neck and face. I was left with lymphoedema on my face and the machine has been a life saver, literally helping to reduce swelling from the lymphoedema and gives me great relief. I was advised to get the machine by my Lymphatic drainage life saver Monica Conway. I got in touch with Mary in the UK as they distribute to the UK and Ireland. I got the machine in a week and over the past 2.5 years Mary has been a brilliant sending me wires, pads, cards and advice on whatever I needed to support the use of the machine. I cannot speak highly enough about the machine and the service, a must buy for anyone with lymphatics issues." Orna

Lymphoedema Practitioner Feedback

"I have treated patients who have had severe sclerodermatic changes due to radiotherapy which further compromises drainage. Sometimes fibrosis affects the cheeks, chin, neck and even ears. This is especially difficult to treat. I have recently found that a Deep Oscillation therapy (DOT) can significantly enhance the effects of MLD in these complex cases. I achieve faster softening of submental/submandibular oedema with Hivamat or Deep Oscillation Personal than MLD alone."

Sue Hansard B.A.Nurs. MLD Dip. IHM.Dip

"Manual Lymphatic Drainage as a stand-alone treatment gives good results over time..Since introducing HIVAMAT® 200 we have found the results happen more quickly, especially when softening fibrosis or scar tissue. The advantage for the Practitioner is that they are still delivering a hands-on treatment, just with the addition of gloves. This enables them to feel the tissues as they work, adjusting their movements and depth of working alongside the frequency of the oscillations to obtain optimum results for the patient. It also still enables good control of their hands in delicate and small areas. The treatment is pleasant to receive and we have only ever had positive feedback. The treatment of Head and Neck oedema can be challenging for both therapist and patient. To be able to achieve effective results more quickly is hugely positive for the patient. It also frees up clinic slots to enable more patients to be treated. The use of HIVAMAT® 200 has definitely improved the overall treatment opportunities we can give our patients.

Catherine Groom, Leeds Lymphoedema Service, BLS, MLD UK, PHIA Vodder and Casley Smith, MLD DLT Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist

“The lady underwent trans oral laser surgery to remove a cancerous tumour from her right tonsil followed by an ear-to-ear neck dissection to remove cancerous lymph nodes in March 2014. This was followed 6 weeks later by 6 weeks of daily radiotherapy, which was completed early June. During August her neck started to swell and became very uncomfortable and painful. She saw me in mid-September for MLD and DEEP OSCILLATION®. After the first treatment session her tongue swelling had reduced and she had more tongue movement, which in turn had made eating easier. She has improved further after regular, initially frequent, treatment sessions.”

Regina Dengler, RGN, BLS, MLD UK Casley Smith MLD DLT Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist

What is DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy?


In contrast to externally applied, mechanical forms of therapy, (e.g. vibration), the therapy effect of DEEP OSCILLATION® takes place in the tissue itself and works through the entire depth of the tissue layers (skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels to a depth of 8cm (Solangel 2010). For further in depth information please read Dr Jens Reinhold - Mechanisms of Deep Oscillation

The DEEP OSCILLATION Personal Sport or Aesthetics device is handy-sized and battery operated, with a mains lead to charge the batteries. It comes in a smart travel bag that can be used as inflight hand luggage, handheld applicators are used in circular movement over the tissue affected. When travelling abroad, pre and post flight treatment is recommended, as cabin pressure, gravity and lack of movement during flight can sometimes worsen the area affected.

DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy offers an additional, non-invasive, conservative approach to Lymphoedema self-management together with compression, self-lymphatic drainage, exercise and skin hygiene and is ideal to help keep symptoms managed between clinic visits. It can be used on all types of Primary and Secondary Lymphoedema, in paediatrics and the elderly, after contraindications have been checked. Lymphoedema of the upper and lower limbs, truncal and more complex cases of the head and neck, breast and genital areas can be worked upon. Stubborn fibrosis can be tackled.

Further testimonials can be read here. Treatment with a qualified MLD DLT Lymphoedema Practitioner using Deep Oscillation is required prior to purchase of a personal unit to assess suitability and after a mutually agreed Therapist/Patient successful treatment outcome has been arrived at PhysioPod work with both parties to programme a bespoke card for use in the device.