Calling All Allied Healthcare Professionals: Lipoedema UK Annual Conference, Friday, 24th June 2016, The Hilton Hotel, Reading.

This educational event is a unique opportunity for a professional audience to hear a balanced overview of treatments from leading specialists in the field of Lipoedema. PhysioPod UK Ltd greatly look forward to exhibiting DEEP OSCILLATION® to delegates but also to listening to and learning from the international experts. Registration is now open..


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Lipoedema UK’s First Conference for Allied Healthcare Professionals will bring together leading international experts on treatment for lipoedema and explore the challenges of providing surgical treatments for lipoedema and evaluating the results.


  • Many patients with Lipoedema are desperate to find ways to prevent the condition advancing, as in the later stages it can have a severe impact on their mobility and quality of life.
  • Even in the early stages Lipoedema can have a devastatingly detrimental affect on a young woman’s self-esteem and self-confidence. 
  • So far, most CCG bodies have refused to fund liposuction on the NHS, classifying it as a cosmetic procedure, but many patients find liposuction the only solution, with  many being forced to fund it themselves and travel abroad for treatment.



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Lipoedema UK

Friday 24th June 2016:

Allied Healthcare Professionals Day

Hilton Hotel, Reading, RG2 0GQ



Reading: Close to the M4, M25, Heathrow airport with frequent trains from London. The Hilton has free parking and disabled access to all areas.

Cost £125*per person - click here to register

(*£75 Early Bird Rates Available For BLS members - Ends 31st March 2016)

"Evaluating The Results of Liposuction
on Lipoedema Patients"


Dr Wilfried Schmeller 


Dr Yvonne Frambach

Dr Axel Baumgartner


Professor Dr. Wilfred Schmeller and his team Dr Yvonne Frambach and Dr Axel Baumgartner from the Hanse-klinik Germany will be presenting on their method of tumescent liposuction and their long-term results.

Mr Alex Munnoch

Miss Anne Dancey


Dr Harry Voesten


Mr Alex Munnoch and Miss Anne Dancey will be speaking about the surgical options they are offering patients in the UK.  Dr Harry Voesten brings experience of operating on severe cases of lipoedema in the Netherlands.

lipoedema project

Catherine Seo, PhD


Catherine Seo will be speaking on her work with Dr. Mark Smith and the Lipoedema Project in the US, who are treating patient with Professor Stutz’s method of WAL liposuction.


"Dutch Guidelines on the Treatment of Lipoedema.. including findings on connective tissue and physical activities compared to obese patients"

Dr Robert Damstra, PhD

Ad Hendrickx BHS

Dr Harry Voesten


Dutch Researchers, Dr Robert Damstra, physiotherapist Adl Hendrickx and Dr Harry Voesten will present the findings of their study comparing conservative treatments for patients with lipoedema to those with obesity. They will also present the Dutch Guidelines for the Treatment of Lipoedema.


"The Latest Genetic Research"

St Georges Hospital Trust

Dr Pia Ostergaard

Professor Peter Mortimer

Professor Peter Mortimer, Lipoedema UK’s Patron and Dr Pia Ostergaard, Senior Lecturer in Human Genetics at St Georges University will share progress on the latest phase of St George’s genetic research into lipoedema 

"Understanding the differing needs
of Compression for Lipoedema
Patients including pre and post
operative care"

Julie Cunneen

Denise Hardy

Lipoedema UK’s Nurse Consultant, Denise Hardy will lead a presentation on how to understand the differing need of compression for lipoedema patients and Julie Cuneen will focus on pre and post op compression treatments and her work with Anne Dancey’s patients.

"Weight Loss and Lipoedema
Bariatric options and other
weight loss methods"


Dr Vaughan Keeley




Click here if you would like to view the Fat Disorders Research Society Educational Videos on Liposuction for Lipoedema from Drs. Stutz, Amron, Emer and Assessing Lipedema (Lipoedema) Post Liposuction with Dr. Herbst


Click here to view the series of educational videos from FDRS


  • Dr Wilfried Schmeller

  • Dr Yvonne Frambach

  • Dr Axel Baumgartner

  • Mr Alex Munnoch

  • Dr Anne Dancey

  • Dr Harry Voesten

  • Catherine Seo Phd

  • Dr Robert Damstra, PhD

  • A Hendrickx BHS

  • Dr Pia Ostergaard

  • Professor Peter Mortimer

  • Denise Hardy

  • Julie Cunneen

  • Dr Vaughan Keeley