Judy Spooner reports that a variety of conditions benefit from DEEP OSCILLATION® including frozen shoulder and whiplash

"I've been using DEEP OSCILLATION® with my clients for many years now and find it invaluable in treating certain conditions. Judy Spooner reports..

Clients presenting with a Frozen Shoulder not only find that the condition can be made less painful but also that a normal range of movement can quickly be restored with regular sessions. Whiplash, sprains and strains also respond well to DEEP OSCILLATION® sessions and clients are soon asking for me to use my 'magic little iPod' when they are in discomfort. Lower lumbar pain can be significantly reduced with DEEP OSCILLATION®, allowing the client to return to work that much sooner and happier. I prefer to work with DEEP OSCILLATION® through my own gloved hands since I can then monitor any subtle changes in the soft tissues I am working on. It also has the added benefit to me in insuring my own hands don't suffer from RSI in my daily work demands. This is a major benefit for any busy massage therapist."

Judy Spooner

BSc (Hons) IIHHT

Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist