Physiopod UK Limited nominated and shortlisted for 2016 Global Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards

PhysioPod™ UK Ltd are thrilled to be included in these prestigious 2016 Healthcare Awards recognising individuals and companies 'dedicated to saving lives and bringing comfort and health to those in pain'

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From Global Health and Pharma


"The healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry is as diverse as the individuals and organisations operating within it, and as such documenting and rewarding those who are striving to deliver excellence is a daunting task. Despite this we are determined to showcase the talent and dedication which is apparent in this vast, tough industry. The 2016 Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Awards seeks to chronical the individuals, departments and organisations, both corporate and public, that are working tirelessly throughout the industry.

From the firms and organisations developing new and innovative ideas to save lives and change the way healthcare is delivered, to the stalwarts working behind the scenes to provide exceptional care on a daily basis, we are keen to turn the spotlight on everyone working to support the healthcare systems around the globe. These awards are not focused on profits or sales; rather they seek to showcase the people behind the success stories".


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Nominated and Shortlisted for 

"2016 Global Healthcare and Pharmeceutical Awards"