Broken Bones Set Off Secondary Arm Lymphoedema, Self Management with the DEEP OSCILLATION® PERSONAL has been very effective.

Having had lymph nodes removed in 2008 after breast cancer, I thought I was doing well but a fall in 2010 causing some broken bones seemed to set off some lymphodema in my left arm.


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After consulting my lymphatic drainage consultant, she confirmed that I had actually got lipo-lymphodema in my left arm and upper legs This was a surprise to me as I thought the problem with my legs was  worsening cellulite!!  She suggested I might like to consider the PhysioPod.  This was very good advice and I have had the PhysioPod for about 5 weeks now.  The swelling in my arm is greatly reduced and the “cellulite appearance” on my thighs has reduced.  I have also noticed my ankles are slimmer.

I am very pleased with my PhysioPod and very grateful to Mary and Julie for the backup support they continue to provide.

Sandy, Dorset.