Well Hello, Levis! By Gavin Neate, CEO of WelcoMe

"One of the most well-known and loved names in the world, Levi's, can now be used with WelcoMe.

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Image description: Levi jeans on sale in a shop, WelcoMe logo, bottom left


People with disabilities can talk to staff before their visit through the WelcoMe service. This interaction lets staff know they will visit and leads to general and specific training on disability recognition for staff. It also gives them a chance to explain the reason for their visit. This strong connection makes both parties more confident with each other and shows that technology can improve how people deal with each other everywhere.

It was a real pleasure to work with Levi's but also Happy Smiles Training CIC and also DiverseMade Media all of whom are disability-led and focused organisations.

WelcoMe is a platform designed to provide support and assistance to individuals with disabilities. It aims to create a more inclusive and accessible community by connecting disabled individuals with resources, services, and opportunities tailored to their needs. Through the Welcome App, users can access information, connect with others facing similar challenges, and find assistance in various aspects of their lives. It's a valuable tool for promoting inclusivity and support for disabled individuals. 



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My name is Gavin Neate I am the CEO and founder of WelcoMe. I am over the moon today because we are launching WelcoMe with 13 Levis stores. WelcoMe is a tool that enables the disabled person to communicate directly with the staff member before they turn up at any given store. This doesn't just help the disabled person but it helps the staff member prepare for their arrival.
Levis is the first retailer of its type in the world to offer and introduce this level of service for disabled people and I was over the moon today to have the opportunity to work alongside Happy Smiles Training CIC and DiverseMade Media as part of a collaboration to actually introduce a service of this standard with such a forward-thinking and progressive organization as Levi - it's been a total pleasure to be involved and I couldn't be more proud for the work that's being done there.