With thanks to Gavin Neate, Craig and his guide dog Merlin ..



"Button By Neatebox" 

Amazing smartphone operated crossings have been installed in Scotland after guide dog owner highlights the need to make crossings safer and more "virus friendly" for disabled and elderly pedestrians.

This is just awesome...



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1. Changing Society With Solutions

...wanted to include in the article. One of the first people to come forward to help was a guy called Gavin Neate, who sent me a direct message on Twitter.  Further chatter ensued and he was very helpful...

2. National Diversity Awards - Gavin Neate Awarded “Entrepreneur of Excellence”

...last month I wrote an article called "Changing Society With Solutions' about a man called Gavin Neate, CEO and Founder of Neatebox Limited.  Gavin had helped me on Twitter with a disability...