National Diversity Awards - Gavin Neate Awarded “Entrepreneur of Excellence”

By Mary Fickling, Self Care Champion and Co Director of PhysioPod UK Limited and PhysioEquipment


You will recall that last month I wrote an article called "Changing Society With Solutions' about a man called Gavin Neate, CEO and Founder of Neatebox Limited.  Gavin had helped me on Twitter with a disability reference question and on researching his work, I later discovered he was the innovator behind WelcoMe, a disability aware customer service solution app.

I am delighted to announce therefore, that in last months  Gavin and the work of his wonderful team have not gone unnoticed!

 are an annual ceremony celebrating the fantastic achievements of positive role models and community organisations showcasing their devotion to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Gavin Neate was awarded “Entrepreneur of Excellence”.

But the award "was not just about Gavin" he said "It is about the people around me and about WelcoMe and the truly evolutionary effect it is having on all forms of customer interaction across the UK and Ireland from The Scottish Parliament to Westminster City Council, from NorthLink Ferries to Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail and from NHS Golden Jubilee to  and so many more" adding "If I am worthy or guilty of anything" he continued "it is perhaps dreaming so incredibly big to believe that WelcoMe has the power to evolve and improve commercial and social relationships everywhere and perhaps even to help end loneliness"

Well done Gavin and thanks for the pictures and accompanying words.. (looking special indeed ;-).


"Me named as the award winner surrounded in gold looking special"


"The welcome logo white on a pink background. The m and the e of welcome are in a different font to underline the importance of your disabled customer"




Users of the free disability app WelcoMe create a personal accessibility profile of themselves and their condition and tap which assistance is pertinent to their needs and which is not.  It takes about a minute. Then when they plan to visit a WelcoMe signed up facility (and there are many high-profile organisations on board) their details are passed on.  This enables customer fronting staff at the shop, cafe, bank, hospital or entertainment provider to ensure the correct assistance is ready and waiting for them.


Did you know that 19% of the UK Population have a disability and that

80% of disabled people have ‘hidden impairments”?  


Take a look at how easy and effective it is here...